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  • Louvre Opening Roof

    A Lourve Opening Roof is an amazing asset and add on to compliment any surrounding. You can enjoy your summers day with a little bit of shade and then you can enjoy the stars but quickly protect yourself during a sudden shower. Similar to our Shade Structures, Lourve Opening Roofs are a premium high-end product but are well worth it due to their long life span, impecable modern design and practicality factor. Structures by Design are Melbournes Number 1 Company when it comes to Shade Sails and Lourve Opening Roofs, call us now – you won’t be disappointed.  Our Louvre Aluminium Roof System is suitable for both domestic and commercial settings, with motorised operation and rain sensor as standard.

    Few options for a Lourve Opening Roof are:
    Motorised louvres, which can include wind and rain sensors, are perfect for your home.
    Retractable roofs are also very popular and, like the louvre roofs, can totally enclose an area and essentially create another covered space.
    Fixed louvres is another option that we offer to block out unwanted views.

    Would like more information on Shade Sails or Lourve Opening Roofs, then call Structures by Design on (03) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au


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