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  • BMC Rooftop Kindergarten

    BMC, also a highly valued client of ours, contacted us to assist them in covering the neighbouring child care centre property. This was a safety mechanism that BMC wanted to put in place to protect any fallen objects from their development being built next door.
    We worked with both BMC and the child care centre to come up with the right solution that would work for both parties. The child care centre wanted coverage but still required a light filled area yet cost effective. We designed a 30m x 12m wide truss structure with shade cloth and surrounding the rest of the floor was a netting fabric used on vineyards. The solution worked perfectly for both parties and we are very happy how the project worked out.
    This was done under strict time constraints and the project was designed and installed within 3 months.

    Client: Brookfield Multiplex – Melbourne CBD
    Programme: 3 months

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