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  • Waterproof PVC Shade Sail

    Waterproof Shade sails are architecturally designed and engineered by Structures By Design to ensure the best Shade solution that is both practical and appealing.

    We believe a Shade Sail Is An Aesthetic And Versatile Shading Solution That Is Used In Residential And Commercial Application. Given The Extreme Weather Here In Australia, We Believe The Appropriate Shade Is A Necessity.

    The advantage in PVC sails is that they are waterproof. A Waterproof PVC Shade Sail is the best solution for all weather, nothing comes close to the functionality or visual look of a Waterproof PVC Shade Sail. You will see Waterproof PVC Shade Sails at schools, public spaces, shopping malls, residential and commercial properties.

    Structures by Design can offer you the right solution for residential or commercial application. We fully design, procure and install each of our projects, fully engineered with permits if applicable.

    All Structures By Design staff are specifically developed and trained to deliver each and every project on time and on budget, you can be sure you are dealing with Melbourne’s best when it comes to Waterproof PVC Shade Sails.

    If you’re after a quality Waterproof PVC Shade Sail – call us now on (03) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au

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